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Who we are.

CONDUIT BENDINGis a publisher of books and charts for bending electrical conduit.

Access this site to enhance your job security.  Learn and apply the principles developed in SIMPLIFIED CONDUIT BENDING™ and you will turn out precision bends every time.

Actual photo of work done by the author using techniques detailed in his book.

The Method

Our technical manual SIMPLIFIED CONDUIT BENDING™ develops the system known as "protractor conduit bending."  This method, although centered around the "Chicago" type of mechanical leveraged benders, is applicable to all types of benders, including:

the "hickey" type manual benders
multiple leveraged "Chicago" benders
one-half inch to two-inch electrically powered benders
even through the largest size hydraulic benders

You will learn how to prefigure developed length for all bends, including layout for nineties, offsets and kicks, permitting machine threading prior to bending.   You will greatly speed up bending procedures while eliminating the costly and embarrassing "uh-oh" pile. Next>

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